The Finest Paella Catering Company in the South

EpiCatering has prepared countless paellas over the years and we are considered to be one of the best paella catering companies in the south of England. We believe we have come close to perfecting this fabulous-crowd pleasing dish and currently have the ability to provide paella catering for up to 2000 guests.
We will always be happy to supply our customers with custom designed paellas utlilising a wide range of high quality fresh meats, seafood and vegetables available to us. Below you will find some of our more popular paella creations; for events of 80 or more guests we would recommend serving a seafood paella, a meat paella and a vegetarian paella, this should ensure that just about everyone’s preferences, intolerances and dietary restrictions are taken into consideration.

'Paella Valencia'

Spanish chorizo, chicken, prawns, squid with assorted fresh vegetables

'Paella Carne'

Fresh Spanish chorizo, chicken, smoked ham and mixed vegetables

'Paella de Pescado' (GF)

Prawns, squid, mussels and whitefish with fresh vegetables
This one is ready to be covered for the final steaming before serving:

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'Paella de Venduras' (V, GF)

Ginger and coriander marinated tofu, asparagus, baby corn, green beans, mushrooms, chickpeas, broccoli, garden peas, courgettes, peppers and onions

Additional Options and Upgrades

Pulled Pork
Pork Tenderloin
Cumberland Sausages
Smoked Eel
Black Pudding
Serrano Ham

Included in the cost of your paella catering would be professional, qualified and uniformed chefs, all crockery, stainless steel cutlery, high quality paper serviettes, one of our self enclosed portable kitchens, all cooking equipment, serving vessels and utensils.

Pricing would be dependent on the venue location, menu selection and the number of guests attending.

We just wanted to pass on how many of our 80 guests mentioned how much they enjoyed the meal at the joint birthday party we held for Mike and Terry at the weekend. Thank you for outstanding service and delicious paella; the number of takers for seconds says it all! Well done to Marcus and to Harry, we are happy to recommend you to all enquirers. Catherine and Mike
Joint Birthday Party, 80 guests, 04/06/16, Faversham, Kent
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EpiCatering provides paella catering services throughout East Sussex, West Sussex, Kent, Hampshire and Surrey